Miaomiao Li

Aka "ljsabc" or "moeka"

  • I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering in CUHK. Besides, I also work as a software engineer and fronend designer.

    Feel free to contact me, or follow me on Twitter.

  • My research interest includes Computational Manga, Pattern Recogization and some other cool stuff. Some of my work and publications will be shown in this page.

  • I've been responsible for the art design and advertising of USTCLUG for years. Meanwhile, I designed lots of webpages such as USTC Blog and USTC Mirrors. Some of my experience of web design can be found here.

  • I've been coding for years, of course. I can write some complex javascript/HTML/CSS. I'm also familiar with the research-level of C.

    I also know some script language like python, PHP and bash.

  • I like J-POP and electronic music, and also the BEMANI game series. I'm an ACG fan.

    I like travelling. It makes me happy when I cycle across cities. Here are some pictures I have prepared for you.

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